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Looking for a solution to connect all processes? 

DataRotonde is the first, the only and the best solution to connect all applications and organisations within the entire chain. In order not only to work more efficiently, but also to serve the end user better. You always work in the system of your preference and you are free to choose your favorite software. That's a real solution!


Housing corporations, property managers and -owners but also facility management in healthcare, education and transportation use DataRotonde as the standard for system integration.

Complete and independent

DataRotonde is independent of suppliers and has a vast network of connected applications and organisations in different sectors.
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Secure and up-to-date

Assured of the best secured environment for the exchange of information between your applications and your supply chain partners, 24/7. Always up-to-date to the latest versions, continuous innovations and extending services to optimise digital processes.

Central and insightful

With DataRotonde, all your integration issues are properly and transparently arranged by one party on one central platform. It's that easy.

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What solutions do we offer?


By connecting applications and organisations digital messages can be exchanged. Less copying, less errors and instant feedback.
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Business rules and process logic are applied to the integration. Insightful and flexible processes.
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DataRotonde handles it. A full-service solution for implementation, management and operation.
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Answers to frequently asked questions

Which connections are reguarly used?

Examples of commonly used links are:

  • Digital signing (Evidos, ValidSign)
  • Municipality: Personal Records Database (compare administrations, e.g. approach to housing and social assistance anomalies)
  • Distribution of living space
  • Document management system (Xtendis, ShareWorX, E-Content)
  • Output management (Mail to Pay, Datahub, 10FORIT)
  • Digital Twin (Bryder, Luxs, the two Pikes)
  • Invoicing (Peppol, DICO, UBL)
  • Accounts receivable management (Mind2Pay)
  • InspectionApp
  • BAG
  • Tenant Portal (Zig, Embrace, DataBar)

Maintenance / Service:

  • Links with chain partners in real estate and facility management, contractors (construction, installation, maintenance, cleaning, utilities,..), wholesalers, municipalities, education, healthcare, transport
  • Notifications for VvE Beheer (Twinq, Convect)
  • Links intake or direction (Area of People, S1MONE, 24ROSA, telephone exchange)
  • Damage reports (dispatch achmea, Raetgever)
  • Contract Management (Grip Facilitee, Mercell)
  • Granting/receiving orders
  • Ordering materials

If you want to know if your favorite application is already connected, consult the list of participants or contact us directly.


Why should I realize my connections via DataRotonde?

DataRotonde is the integration specialist in the Netherlands. A connection via DataRotonde has various advantages, such as resubmitting messages in the event of an outage, signalling for abnormal situations, management of the link, control of the chain, insight into your message traffic, the possibility to receive each message in real time in your own data lake. This makes DataRotonde the only real solution for both internal and external chain integrations.

Are my chain partners already using DataRotonde?

In our list of participants, you can see which organisations are already using DataRotonde. By using the filter options, you can quickly find out whether your chain partners are already available.


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Our international customers

“A big catalog of connected applications and the easiness of connecting made that we immediate added a connection for the order-to-cash process with Onguard of Visma”
“Thanks to DataRotonde we realize a fast, predictable and trustable digital process!”
Henk Van Asselt 4PS

How can we help you?

Want to look at your integration issue together? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to think along with you. 

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