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DataRotonde is the first, the only and the best solution to connect all applications and organisations, in the cloud, within the complete chain. To work more efficiently and improve the user experience. You will always work in the system of your preference and you are free to choose the software of your liking. That's a real solution!


Housing corporations, property managers and -owners but also facility management in healthcare, education and transportation use DataRotonde as the standard for system integration.

Complete and independent

DataRotonde is independent of suppliers and has a vast network of connected applications and organisations in different sectors.
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Safe and up-to-date

Assured of the best secured environment for the exchange of information between your applications and your chain partners, 24/7. Always up-to-date to the latest versions, continuous innovations and extending services to optimise digital processes.

Central and insightful

DataRotonde is your integration platform offered as SaaS. For all your connections between applications and chain partners with governance of your processes. DataRotonde manages all your integration challenges in one platform. Central and insightful, easy does it!

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What solutions do we offer?


By connecting applications and organisations digital messages can be exchanged. Less copying, less errors and instant feedback.
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Business rules and process logic are applied to the integration. Insightful and flexible processes.
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DataRotonde handles it. A full-service solution for implementation, management and operation.
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