Peppol Managed

Peppol offers governments and companies the opportunity to exchange (international) e-invoices via a special secure network. DataRotonde works together with a partner, econnect, to provide access to the Peppol network. The parties have clear in-house expertise, econnect in the field of e-invoicing and DataRotonde in the field of integrations (monitoring and management). In this way, expertise and ingredients for an efficient, future-oriented and high-quality e-invoicing process are bundled. 


Why e-invoicing via Peppol Network?

The international standard (UBL). Secure digital business, no more ghost or duplicate invoices. Greater accuracy in accounting. Cost savings and shorter payment terms. Greater ease of use and customer satisfaction.

For whom?

For every organization. Of any size. Nationally or internationally oriented. Peppol Managed if you want to do business digitally safely, easily and quickly.

What about costs?

The costs are entirely based on actual usage, as is customary with DataRotonde. No fixed price per month, but costs per invoice. This way, the service remains accessible to organizations of all sizes. e-Invoicing has proven itself and ultimately saves a lot of time and money.

Why Managed?

Better prevention or quick cure! An incident within your process immediately costs money. Someone has to monitor it, identify it and solve it. Time = money. Or there may be a delay in the payment process.

Peppol Managed