Building digital collaboration in the maintenance / service process

It is time to say goodbye to the so called 'rotating chair administration'. No more endless portals to extract, copy or update information. No more unnecessary contact to get status updates for a repair or service request. By linking systems from contractors, suppliers and intake-services your maintenance/service process is optimised. 


Maintenance / Service

Connect contractors and clients

Orders for maintenance/service (repair request, work orders, error notifications), status changes and invoices are automatically, digitally and safely delivered to the right systems. Do you want to know which contractors and clients already use DataRotonde? Check out our particpants.

Connect intake services with contractors and clients

Do you use external intake services, supervisors or 24/7 services? Then digital information exchange for the purpose of execution of invoicing is useful or even necessary. Inquire about the options or check out the intake services already using DataRotonde.

Standards with a tailored process

DataRotonde uses, but does not limit herself to standards. Together with the sector DataRotonde develops new and additional standards and advises on using standards to create connections. Differences (versions) are resolved by DataRotonde. You connect the way that suits you.

How can we help you?

Want to look at your integration issue together? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to think along with you. 

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