Where integrations provide connection between applications and organisations, processes provide overview, agility and flexibility. Many processes are completely executed by DataRotonde's fully integrated BPM-process-engine. Flawlessly guided through all steps of the process. Everyone works with their preferred application while DataRotonde provides the right connection and insight into the process. DataRotonde's expertise and applicable reference processes will get you up and running quickly and keeps your processes flexible.



Process Engine

The integrated process engine from DataRotonde allows business rules and process logic to be applied easily to your integration. Processes transcending application level become visible and traceable. As BPM is fully integrated with DataRotonde, process representations are always equal to the actual execution.

Process Monitor

The DataRotonde Monitor is available for monitoring parts or the whole process. It is also possible to set up thresholds with subsequent actions or notifications. This allows for central insight into your processes, monitor process execution and immediate actions if needed.

Process information for analysis

Valuable data of executed processes is available instantly. With the Data Lake Feed of DataRotonde you can upload process data into your preferred analysis tool to supplement your management information.

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