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Looking for a solution that connects all processes? DataRotonde is the first, the only and the best solution that connects all applications and organisations within the entire chain in the cloud, in order not only to work more efficiently, but also to serve the end user better. You always work in the system of your preference and you are free to choose your favorite software. Now that's a real solution.

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About us

From housing corporations, property managers and landlords to maintenance and repair companies, construction and installation companies, wholesalers and suppliers: we are the standard for the entire chain.

Important link

DataRotonde is an important link in the ambitions of organsations to digitalize mutual processes. We automate processes between organisations and applications for more than 1200 organisations that together exchange more than 1.7 billion process messages per year.

Close and sincere

DataRotonde is an independent organisation within the Info Support International Group and consists of a small-scale, close and sincere team of about 20 colleagues.


DataRotonde is about the growth, growth of the ecosystem and growth of the number of standardized digital processes. We have now left the start-up phase behind us. With its origins in the real estate sector, DataRotonde is expanding into other domains. DataRotonde wants to realize its ambition to be the only real solution for everyone.

Complete and independant

DataRotonde is independent of suppliers and has a vast network of coneccted applications and organisations in different sectors.

Secure and up-to-date

Assured of the best secured environment for the exchange of information between your applications and your supply chain partners, 24/7. Always up-to-date to the latest versions, continuous innovations and extending services to optimise digital processes.

Quick results

DataRotonde is implemented in your work processes very fast. Within one day it is up and running. And the first results? You don't have to wait years, results are noticeable in weeks; less errors, faster lead times, improved data quality, higher efficiency and improved customer satisfaction!

Our international customers

“A big catalog of connected applications and the easiness of connecting made that we immediate added a connection for the order-to-cash process with Onguard of Visma”
“Thanks to DataRotonde we realize a fast, predictable and trustable digital process!”
Henk Van Asselt 4PS

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