By connecting applications and organisations, digital messages can be exchanged. This enables digitalisation and automation of (chain)processes transcending individual applications or chain partners. A large number of applications is already connected to DataRotonde. With DataRotonde you connect your application only once and then this connection can be (re)used over and over again.  



Alignment in implementation

DataRotonde manages and resolves any functional and/or technical discrepancies between applications. The application supplier has to create and manage a standard connection only once. Curious if your application is already connected?

Insight into operations

As soon as a connection is in production, 24x7 monitoring is available. This enables easy detection and assessment of incidents by DataRotonde. Information is made available to a functional or technical manager to optimise processes.

Managed Services

DataRotonde has agreements in place with application suppliers for certain connections that allow managed services. When managed services are purchased, DataRotonde takes full responsibility for functional performance of the connection and the communication.

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