Do you want a full-service solution or just to be informed? DataRotonde handles it. A full- service solution for implementation, management and operation. From alignment to agreements with application suppliers. From automated monitoring to full governance on incidents. Governance provides control on your integrations within your application landscape and early detection of incidents. DataRotonde offers transparancy in the process of resolving incidents or changes i.e. who is responsible for each step towards resolution and what are the steps? 



24/7 automated monitoring

The availability and accessibility of your applications is monitored by automation 24/7. Anomalies are reported automatically to the right service desk.

Governance on incidents

DataRotonde has a service desk for incidents. The director
governs the solution and informs on status. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to act quickly and adequately.

Governance on changes

Change requests for connections are coordinated and implemented under DataRotonde governance with the involved parties. With migrations or transitions to the cloud for instance, DataRotonde offers support so you keep control on your integration.

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How can we help you?

Want to look at your integration issue together? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to think along with you. 

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