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As an application supplier, do you also want to easily connect to the ICT landscape of your customers and offer integration with chain partners? Plug-in to DataRotonde and integrations of your application with the landscape of your customers and its chain partners are optimally arranged with reusable connections. This way you can focus on further developments within your software, and your customers are unburdened by DataRotonde. DataRotonde also works together with so-called platform partners in order to serve the end user even better. Parties either have a clear expertise of their own or their own ecosystem of customers.


Suppliers of ERP, DMS, portal, app and other expert applications, they all use DataRotonde as thé standard for system integration.


DataRotonde has a complete network of connected applications and organisations in various sectors. With a connection to DataRotonde, you and your customers have access to a large network of connected applications and organisations!
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Expertise DataRotonde excels in the field of integrations. We take care of the integration so you can focus on your business. Both functional and technical differences are solved under the direction of DataRotonde. You can connect in the way that suits your customers.

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Scalable and flexible integration solutions. Implemented with your customers within half-days. Implemented within days, results within weeks!

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Why should I realize my connections via DataRotonde?

DataRotonde is the integration specialist in the Netherlands. A connection via DataRotonde has various advantages, such as resubmitting messages in the event of an outage, signalling for abnormal situations, management of the link, control of the chain, insight into your message traffic, the possibility to receive each message in real time in your own data lake. This makes DataRotonde the only real solution for both internal and external chain integrations.

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