Pricing purchase materials

DataRotonde believes it is important that it is easy for its customers to switch to digital communication with their chain partners. We want to keep the fees clear and predictable. This has resulted in a pay-per-use model in which you pay based on the number of placed orders.
One-time costs setting up:
  • ​Standard system connection €400,- 
  • Connection from a custom system €1.250,- 
Subscription chain integration services

•  €56,- per month

Use purchase materials
Up to 2.500 orders per year you pay €0,53 per order (including confirmation, packing slip and invoice). For larger quantities per year, a price scale purchase materials applies.
Number of received orders
Per calendar year from January 1st

​1 – 2.500
2.501 – 5.000
5.001 – 10.000
10.001 – 25.000
25.001 – 100.000
> 100.000

Price per received order
Incl confirmation, packing slip and invoice



All amounts mentioned are exclusive of sales tax and other applicable government levies. No rights can be derived from the rates calculated on this website. For a binding offer, you can contact us via the contact form or request a quote via


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2. Purchase materials
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The number of orders I process per year and for which I pay the usage costs

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