Looking for digital collaboration to address the problem of housing and welfare anomalies?

Discover the digital process from DataRotonde addressing the problem of housing and welfare anomalies. Flagging a anomalous situation becomes a lot easier when the housing corporation and the municipal office collaborate. How can you facilitate that hasslefree and safely? Enable-U and DataRotonde have developed a solution to signal potential housing and welfare anomalies in a safe and automated process. For more information contact us. 



Automated comparison of information from both administrations allow for discrepancies to be flagged and followed up faster. Signalling anomalous situations can be a lot easier when the housing corporation and the municipal office collaborate. An additional advantage for housing associations is that lease terminations that were previously overlooked, for example in the event of departure or death, can be identified more quickly.

Quick results

Because of the standard connections of DataRotonde within the housing corporation sector and the standing collaborations of Enable-U within the municipal sector, this solution can be implemented quickly and easily. The automated process provides a weekly comparison of occupant information on the one end and residential information on the other. 

Safe and up-to-date

The process and the connections comply to all privacy legislation and have security measures in place to prevent misappropriation. For example, a housing corporation can only access information of properties they manage. The exchange of information is fully secured. 

Housing and welfare anomalies

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