Make your customers happy with an optimal customer journey

Do you also want to offer your customers uniform, unambiguous and consistent information when they need it? With the use of DataRotonde, information from the various systems is collected and shared. This way, the right data is always available in the right place at the right time. Setting up processes, automatic notifications and actions on DataRotonde can be used to further optimize the customer journey. Information can be collected and sent through the customer's preferred channel.


Linking various applications

In addition to the customer portal or customer app, a process such as the submission of a service request or rental change often involves several systems, such as the ERP system for the basic data, the DMS for storing documents and the planning system. By linking these systems, you can optimally provide customers with up-to-date information and enable actions to be carried out immediately.

Omnichannel communication

By connecting to DataRotonde, a platform for omnichannel communication has direct integration with information and processes in the organization. 

Self Service

More and more services are offered digitally and online. Resident portals, platforms and apps have real-time information and direct integration with the processes by connecting to DataRotonde.

Specialized services

The provision of housing or management of service requests is regularly carried out through specialised platforms or services that facilitate communication and the process with customers. By connecting these platforms or organizations to DataRotonde, the digital exchange of information is realized.

Do you want to know if your favorite application is already connected to DataRotonde? Consult the list of participants or contact us directly.


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