Looking for an efficient and insightful rental mutation process?

Would you like to minimize the number of manual actions such as retyping, e-mail or telephone contact to get all information and appointments in order and thus significantly reduce the susceptibility to errors and the turnaround time? Together with the process engine, DataRotonde's standard connections are the support for setting up and executing rental changes. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us for more information or a demo.


Linking various applications

By linking the various systems such as the tenant portal (lease termination and digital onboarding), the ERP (real estate data and tenant information), inspection app, housing distribution system (publication and acceptor), carthotheque (real estate data), DMS (contracts, publications and photos), digital signing and energy suppliers (registering and deregistering vacancy), you can make the rental mutation process optimal and predictable.

The right process through an insightful decision tree

What you see is what you have. With a clear decision tree, you can easily set up the process according to your own insight and situation. The correct process is carried out automatically. You have real-time insight into the status of all current publications.

Automatic messages or actions

Thresholds for lead times of publication, response and unsubscribe can be set. If these values are exceeded, you will automatically receive a message.

Reduction of average vacancy duration

With the DataRotonde monitor and process engine for the housing distribution process, you have a simple tool to structurally shorten the lead time from the process from publication of a vacant home to the signed contract by the new occupant and the deregistration of the home. This profit can easily add up to an average of one day per vacant property.

Rental mutation

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